ACSA (Thailand) Program (En)

ACSA Thailand ทุนการศึกษาต่อในระดับ ปริญญาตรี

American University Scholarship Program
โครงการทุนการศึกษาในประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา (ระดับปริญญาตรี)

Project Details

This project aims to provide opportunities mainly for the 12th grade and undergraduate students who are interested in studying abroad in the U.S.A. The scholarships are partly offered by the American Collegiate Scholarship Association (ACSA) through the only accredited representative in Thailand, Providence Education Language Immersion Camp (PELIC). PELIC has her right to offer and select 100 scholarships allocated from 70-200 universities around Thailand each year to those who are eligible to get these scholarships according to the students’ knowledge, capability, interest and intention to learn, participate and exchange experiences in an international environment There are 2 important points attracted in this project : first, to get scholarship for 25%-75% of the school tuition fee, accommodation, as well as meals from 70-200 universities all over the States without paying back, second, ACSA allow 5- 7 universities to be chosen from the list where it is depending on the students’ grades,majors or their environmental requirements and needs.


American Collegiate Scholarship Association (ACSA) is an association known as American University Scholarship Program, established in 1997 and cooperated between ACSA and IDEA Organization of America having Mr. Samuel M. Shepherd acted as the President of the project. Its purpose is to give partly scholarships to international students around the world who would like to study in the USA. So far, over 10,000 scholarships have already been given to students.

To get scholarships, ACSA has acted and has connections with universities throughout the U.S.A willing to give scholarships and to help the international students to study and adapt themselves in the new cultural and environmental differences.

This project is recognized as the great opportunity for international ACSA scholars, because they get a chance to study in famous, high-grade universities in the U.S.A. They will also get a degree, which is accepted in labor markets, both domestic and international industries. The program is 100% success.

Details of Scholarships

There are 3 main fields or types of Courses.

Liberal Arts Colleges

Liberal Arts Education is a type of American’s teaching a long time ago. It helps students to study each subject and to be capable of focusing on the subjects that students really want to study in their sophomore year or later on. The study focuses on Arts-Anthropology, Social and Science patterns. It helps open up the students’ mindand teach them how to think creatively and analytically.

The colleges are small and medium in sizes, therefore there are about 500- 10,000 students in each college. Small colleges take better care of the students than big colleges or universities and the students have to stay in college dorms. Having variety of students from around the world also helps the American students to learn new cultures and be able to adapt themselves to different cultures as well.

Please be noted that :

  1. Universities and Colleges that the meaning of Universities and Colleges are the same, depending on the culture of the places and the purpose of the institutions.  Colleges are usually smaller and focus on Bachelor’s degrees, while Universities focus on researches, Master degrees, and Doctoral degrees are offered.
  2. Specialized Colleges and Universities focus on only one subject, for example, Business, Arts, Dancing, Music, etc.


Details of Scholarship

Scholarships from ACSA are scholarships given from universities around the country. The scholarship is divided into two parts.

1. English Study Scholarship

This English scholarship is for students who do not have any English test result as TOEFL that are required by each university. It is for Not more than 1 year scholarship.

  1. There are two semesters for studying English.
    • Fall semester starts from the middle August
    • Spring semester starts from January
  2. Students are allowed to continue studying in the same college or university after finishing with the English scholarship. Visa will be extended without having to coming back to Thailand, so students have to pass the exam before the new semester starts.
  3. Students are also allowed to continue studying in a different college or university after finishing with the English scholarship. They also have to pass the exam, but taking time to transfer to another college or university could be disadvantage for them.
    • NOTE: There will be $700.00 extra payment for studying English
  4. If the student does not have required TOEFL or IELTS score, they need to attend ELS from Fall or Spring semester. After 4 months of study, they have 4 options for students;
    1. Study ESL next semester at the same institution.
    2. Study another ESL from next semester(We required $700USD for 2nd placement
    3. Study Academic program with the same institution but need to pass the required TOEFL/IELTS score or need teachers recommendation.
    4. Study Academic program with different institution but need to pass the required TOEFL/IELTS. (We required $700USD for 2nd Placement)

Note and things you should do to prepare your English

  1. For the best, prepare your English skills as much as you can or pass the English tests while you are in Thailand.
  1. Students should practice and improve their English skills while studying in 12th grade. They don’t have to worry about taking special classesanymore. (For students that are still in 11th grade and are interested in getting the scholarships, they have more time to prepare and practice their English skills, which is an advantage for the students)
  2. After finishing the (2.) Students should take a full time English course after the 12th grade final exams (March) for 4 months before studying abroad in the Fall semester for;.
    1. An English course; in case the English skills are still not met the requirements.
    2. Enroll studying in Bachelor Degree if passing the required English. (May, 31st is the deadline)
  3. The student’s English skills which are not at the same level, so the preparation of each student will not be the same. They will get different suggestions or advises, so if possible, come and consult early will be the best.

2. Bachelor Degree Scholarships

Most of the scholarships are in the Liberal Arts Major in both public and private Colleges and Universities. The fields in Medical Studies, engineers, pharmacists, pilots or researching subjects are not practiced in this scholarship. For those who are interested in music, sports, etc. with specific and outstanding results, full scholarships could be managed.

The scholarship is a 4 years-scholarship, students who are in their first years colleges or universities could be transferred their credits to study in this program.


The purpose of this scholarship is for Thai and international students (accept American) in Thailand to get the chance to:

  1. Study in the U.S.A for Bachelor Degrees.
  2. Get a scholarship to studying without having to pay back.
  3. Get to exchange knowledge and culture in an international environment.
  4. Choose a scholarship from 5-7 universities or colleges which match their major.


Students who are eligible to get the scholarships must:

  • Studying in the 11th or 12th grades.
  • Studying in vocational schools.
  • Graduated from high schools.
  • Studying in a University or college( transferring courses is possible).
  • Graduated from a higher education than high school ( transferring courses is possible).
  • Being Thai or a foreign student who is studying in Thailand exceptAmericans.
  • Having IELTS score at least 5.0 or TOEFL 61 (iBT)
  • The family is able to pay the balance of the scholarship amount received.
  • The program is guaranteed the scholarship from 5-7 universities.
  • The scholarship is not included in travelling, medical insurance, other personal expense and textbooks(only some universities’ scholarship include medical insurance and textbooks)
  • There is no condition that student needs to complete study with the university that give scholarship.
  • Student is guaranteed the scholarship until the English requirement is met.


After the first meeting with ACSA officer, student will understand details of the program and able to demonstrate his/her purposes to choose the career subject to study and knowing if a scholarship his/her prefer is available accordingly to his/her GPA and terms of study, etc.
The following details are:

  1. There will be an interview of subject career student interested such as interesting major, activities, talents, etc.
  2. The parent’s interview for the understanding of the program information and to know that the parents are willing to pay the rest of the payment after getting the scholarship, throughout the studying in the USA.
  3. Fill in the ACSA application with other documents required for application procedure.
  4. The coordinators of the ACSA will send University list to student within 1 week
  5. Student and parents will choose more than one university from the list within one month by filling up the acceptance form.
  6. To sign the contract with ACSA Thailand representative.
  7. To prepare documents required.
  8. To plan with ACSA Thailand officer, the English study if required in order to meet with the chosen university requirement and other requirements.
  9. When all requirements are met, ACSA will send university chosen application and to be completed within one month.
  10. University will send I-20 for visa processing.
  11. Plan the travelling procedure with ACSA Thailand officer.

Applying conditions

Each university in America has 3 terms, Fall, Spring and Summer semester. ACSA scholarship program will only offer 2 semesters which are fall and summer semester. To submit the application for ACSA Thailand can be done all year round because each student will spend time for preparation and procedure different from each other.

1.Fall semester

For students who are still studying in 12th grade and want to study in the Fall semester in the end of August, the universities or colleges in the U.S.A will open up for the students to apply for the scholarship in October and November (during the time that students are still studying in 12th grade). The applicants should apply at least before March, 31st of the year that they are going to be studying abroad.


 – Apply in October 2016 to March 2017

 – To start studying in August 2017

2.Spring semester

For students who are still studying in 12th grade and want to study in the Spring semester, in the end of January, the universities or colleges in the U.S.A will open up for the students to apply for the scholarship in October and November (during the time that students are still studying in 12th grade). The applicants should apply at least before August, 31 of the year before they are going to be studying abroad.


– Apply in October 2015 to March 2016

– To start studying in the Spring semester in January 2017

3.Students who are studying in Matayom 5 and 6 (grade 11 or 12) or equivalent.

These students are able to submit the applications to ACSA Thailand at any time and ACSA will reserve and guarantee the scholarships as first come first served basis.

4.For college students who are currently studying in High Vocational and University institutions.

They can apply for credit transferred to either the same subjects studied or new subjects, and can submit the applications to ACSA Thailand at any time on their own conveniences.

Registartion procedure

Students who pass the primary selection with high potential to receive the scholarships, should manage promptly to start all procedures as quickly as you can as follows :

  1. Pay application fee and submit application form.
  2. Select university from a university list and sign an applicant contract.
  3. Other necessary documents, English assessment will have to be done as soon aspossible as per each individual condition or deadline.

NOTE: In case the students are not considered by ACSA, the deal will be cancelled and the applicants do not have to pay any fee.

Documents required

The document required for application:

  • Application form
  • The interview by an ACSA consultant.
  • A transcript with the list of all courses and extracurricular activities from grade 10th until present.
  • Your high school education register (original or copy) in English.
  • Resume. (If applicable)
  • Result of English test. (If applicable)
  • Copy of passport
  • In case of transferring credits to Universities in the USA, there has to be a document to show that the student has already passed the courses in English and course outlines. (Class schedule is maybe needed)


1. Once the students get the scholarship, they have to provide (samples are available)

  • 2 recommendation letters from teachers.
  • Personal essay.
  • Resume
  • TOEFL or IELTS score (valid for 2 years)

For example:

  • It is better to take the test as soon as possible, because before the deadline of sending the application, for Fall semester should be before the end of May 31.
  • Do not forget that late applies get less chance to choose a good university or college or even worse, no scholarship.

2. If the students do not have TOEFL or IELTS score, they can attend a language camp in Thailand, University Preparation course, to prepare for the study in university or college. It takes about at least 12 weeks and depends on when the universities or colleges are open. The students can also manage their own study and test. Then, send the results to complete the scholarship requirement.

3. Students can apply for the scholarship before all documents are ready. But, the plan of study and English result should be consulted with PELIC officer as soon as possible. Also, the result of the English test has to be sent to the universities or colleges by the deadline as well as other documents. Preparing, improving, and being ready for good English skills is very important.

Study preparation

The University Preparation Course is only another choice for the students who are interested in studying English to prepare themselves to choose among from many others English study elsewhere.