ACSA Introduction (En)

ACSA Thailand ทุนการศึกษาต่อในระดับ ปริญญาตรี

Introduction to ACSA

American Collegiate Scholarship Association (ACSA) is a non-profit association known as American University Scholarship Program and cooperated between ACSA and IDEA allowed over 10,000 students from countries around the world to affordably study at American Universities. Providence Education Language Immersion Camp (PELIC) has been designated as an Official Representative in Thailand by American Collegiate Scholarship Association (ACSA) since 2013 and also in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

IDEA is the US organization which works with all universities in USA and administrate representatives around the world and Thailand is in the South East Asia Zone.

Details of program in Thailand:

  • PELIC has right to offer and select 100 scholarships around Thailand each year.
  • This program is focus on students who would like to exchange their experience about culture and not for just those who are outstanding academically.

Special Features of the Program:

  1. Financial support 25-75 % of tuition, dormitory and meals which doesn’t need to be paid back.
  2.  Students who have GPA 2.0 onwards are eligible for this scholarship. This program utilizes a “first come, first serve” policy.
  3.  This scholarship is a 4 year Bachelor Degree in USA.
  4. Scholarship for one year of English Study in case of students not meet English requirement.
  5. Visa issuing is less difficulty for scholarship students.
  6. Get 5 years student Visa.
  7. Part time jobs in the university 20 hours per week (students will get Social Security number)

About university and scholarship:

  1. Scholarships come from 70-200 universities in USA. (scholarships and majors are different each year)
  2. Focus on fostering international perspectives and cultures not only for outstanding students.
  3. Financial support 25-75 % of tuition, dormitory and meals (during semester) and students are able to pay the balance of scholarship.
  4. Universities give scholarships directly to international students and will work directly with them after they get scholarships.
  5. Students can expect the following yearly expenses: Health insurance, textbooks (used books are cheaper), personal expenses and living expenses for summer and winter holidays.
  6. Airline ticket and visa expenses are excluded.
  7. To submit the application can be done all year round, because there are 2 semesters and each student will spend time for preparation differently.
  8. English requirement is a part of this program, but no need for the result of English proficiency before applying. We can give good advice for preparing IELTS or TOEFL test later.

Subject that scolarship offers

Liberal Arts Education has long been an American tradition. It helps students to study each subject and to be able to focus on subject which they really want to study in the future.

The colleges are small and medium in sizes, therefore there are about 500-10,000 students in each college. Small colleges take better care of the students than big colleges or universities and the students have to stay in dormitory. Having variety of students from around the world also helps the American students to experience new cultures and be able to adapt themselves to different culture as well.

Fields of scholarship in Liberal Arts:

• Business (Marketing, Economics, Finance, Accounting)
• Mass Communication
• Political Science
• Information Technology
• Education and Language
• Pure Science
• Engineering
• Nursing
• Law
** No scholarships for Medicine, Architecture and Aviation.


  1. Studying in the 11th or 12th grades.
  2. Studying in university or college (Transferring credits is possible)
  3. Studying in vocational schools.
  4. GPA not less than 2.0
  5. Not older than 25 years of age. (Thai or foreigner except Americans)
  6. This program utilizes a “first come, first serve” policy, so students do not have to take any examination to receive this scholarship.
  7. The family is able to pay the balance of the scholarship amount received.
  8. Students must have determination towards studying.
  9. Students have to maintain a good academic record.

Program expenses

  • Application fee
  • ACSA application fee
  • The service fee for ACSA Thailand
  • ACSA administrative fee
  • ACSA Quota fee
  • Expenses before travelling
  • Passport fee
  • Visa fee (student visa)
  • English test fee
  • Air ticket fee (one way)
  • Expenses during studying
  • Tuition fee, dormitory and meals apart from this scholarship.
  • Other expenses such as health insurance, personal expense, text books, holidays expense. (Students can do part time jobs in the universities 20 hours per week or work in Thai restaurant during school holiday)


  1. After applying students will receive the university list which offer different
  2.  The university list will show the cost for the parents to pay yearly with details of English requirement, health insurance, text books and personal expense etc.
  3. Parents, students and PELIC will work in detail together which of those
    universities are suitable and meet the need of the students. Then fill the
    acceptance form to send back to ACSA.
  4. ACSA will inform the expense periodically for taking care of students during 4-5 years in this program.

Request for ACSA scholarship

To get correct information and details about this program, students can
request about studying, expenses or money loan for education with free of charge at our office. The procedure will start when parents and students are satisfied
with the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

(Updated: 22 September 2017)